Sparrow Dance Workshop

Date: December 5 & 19
Time: 12:10 ~13:30
Location: Main court, Kawauchi North Campus Gymnasium

The Sparrow Dance is a folk dance unique to Sendai which mimics the movements of the sparrow, hence the name sparrow dance. In Japanese it is know as, 'Suzume Odori'. It is performed at various festival events throughout the year in Sendai, including the region's well known festival the Aoba Festival.

If you would like to make new friends and experience traditional Japanese dance, come to the Sparrow Dance workshop!

The sessions will be held in Japanese and English at the gymnasium on Kawauchi North Campus. Please make sure to wear comfortable clothing that allows movement.

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Public transport to Kawauchi Campus:
  • Take buses from platform 9 heading to Aoba castle and Miyagi University (Aoba joshi・Miyagidai Aoba dai). Get off at Tohoku University Kawauchi Campus or Hagi Hall (Tohokudai Kawauchi kyampas・Hagi horu mae). Adults cost 180 yen. It is a 10 minute bus ride.
  • Take the bus from platform 16 heading to Hirose street via the traffic park and Kawauchi (Hirose dori keiyu kotsu koen・Kawauchi) and get off at Kawauchi Post Office (Kawauchi yubinkyoku mae). 15 minute bus ride.
To take the campus bus see here:


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